Book Review- My Bachelor by Tess Oliver

A sexy new standalone from New York Times & USA Today bestselling author Tess Oliver.

He was, for lack of a better word, an Adonis, a Greek god of manly perfection.

American hero. Self-made millionaire. All-around badass. 

Sealed with a Kiss has never seen a bachelor like Rafe Rockclyffe before. The long haired, motorcycle riding heartthrob is exactly what viewers of the reality show have been waiting for. Twenty beautiful women will compete to win his heart and hand in marriage, a hand he doesn't really want to give.

It was all just a crazy bet . . . The last thing Rafe expected was to fall in love. 

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5 Stars

I Was Provided A ARC By The Author
(Possible Spoilers) 

Eliot Hampton has no time for romance, the closes she gets to it, is working on the reality TV show "Sealed With A Kiss." This season she's assigned to be the Bachelors Butler/Assistant. Two jobs, school and taking care of her family, and now Eliot finds herself following around tall, longed haired, tattooed hunk, Rafe Rockclyffe, this years new bachelor. She wasn't prepared for this job, she sure wasn't prepared for Rafe, and she never saw it coming, when her feelings for Rafe hit her. She really see's him, he's someone who is deep and smart, so much more than just looks and the body, that all of america see's. She's always been the one overlooked, sh's safe, the buddy, but Rafe see's her for so much more. At the risk of her job and her heart, Eliot will have to decided if she can take a chance with Rafe and let her heart lead her. 

Rafe Rockclyffe, can't believe he got himself in the mess he did. Never would he have though he would find himself on a reality show looking for love. But looking for love he is not. He would rather be at home with his dog, than be in front of a camera. With no way to get out the show, Rafe will have to endure a snaky TV director, the drama that is reality TV and women fighting for his attention. The only thing keeping him sane, is Eliot, with her quirky personality, at times awkwardness, baggie t-shirts and wild hair. She's a surprise, the one good thing to come out of his TV debut. He finds himself wanting to risk it all, to get time with her, to make her laugh. He came here as a bet, and now he wants to leave there with Eliot. 

Smart, sexy, funny, charming, Rafe is the total package, and I just LOVED him. So swoon-worthy, a gentleman, cocky. I could not get enough of him. I really really loved Eliot, she's a hard worker, who takes on the weight of the world, to care for her family. She's sassy, and awkward and lovable. 

My Bachelor was such a fun book to read. It was sexy and funny. With a quirky lead, and a longed haired hero. Tess Oliver's books just keep getting better and better. Rafe and Eliot might just be my favorite couple she has written. I would love to read more about them, I wasn't ready to let this couple go. Off the charts chemistry, a beautiful friendship, and a swoon-worthy love.  

About the author:

Tess Oliver is a teacher and writer who lives in California with her husband, kids and a small pack of pampered dogs. She loves horses, chocolate and Jane Austen books.

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