Book Review- Sweet Talkin Scoundrel by Tess Oliver

A full-length sexy standalone from NYT Bestselling author Tess Oliver.

"He was movie screen perfect. But there was no question that an inordinate amount of trouble came with that face. He was one of those men who you spotted and allowed yourself the luxury to look at and daydream about just before the rational side of your brain kicked in to say 'run—run like hell and never look back'."

A mistake in her past has left Kinley Kennedy with no choice except to run from her old life and find one far away. But she never could have predicted what she'd discover there. Has she made the right move or is she destined to run again?

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5 Stars

I Was Provided A ARC By The Author
(Possible Spoilers)

Kinley Kennedy has run to King's Beach looking to have a fresh start. When Kinley needs a ride to her new job, she couldn't imagine the man who would be taking her to the private Wildthorne island that holds The Underwoods manor. Kinley meets him in a dingy bar covered in blood, and she's not sure she can trust him to fly his creaky plane, that has seen better days, over the ocean and land her safely at doors to her new start. 

Kinley is introduced to the Underwoods world, where she discovers, a strict, polished and quirky bunch of characters. Kinley will soon discover the motives of her being hired as a tutor, may not be what they seem. She is also being pulled in the direction of Dax, he's a Sweet Talkin Scoundrel, who's capturing her heart, one smirk at a time. His dislike for the Underwoods, is a mystery to her, and makes her question the past that surrounds the manor and this family. 

Sweet Talkin Scoundrel is another must read by Tess Oliver. She brought the sexy, the mystery, and of course the romance. I loved these characters, the fog filled setting of the Wildthorne island, the family drama, the secrets, it all ties together and gives us one very intriguing story. Dax & Kinley are another book couple from Tess Oliver that I just love. Great storytelling, compelling and lovable characters and one swoon-worthy romance. 

About the author:
Tess Oliver is a teacher and writer who lives in California with her husband, kids and a small pack of pampered dogs. She loves horses, chocolate and Jane Austen books.

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