Book Review- Wingman by Tess Oliver

Wingman: Just a Guy and His Dog

A standalone new adult romance. 

"I'd taken that proverbial road trip to 'find myself', and along the way, I'd also found the person who I needed to keep myself whole."

It had started like any other day in Butterfield. The fountain in the park, once the town's pride and joy and the scene of jubilant town celebrations, sputtered to life with the usual trickle of murky green water. Its withering neighbor, the ornate town pavilion, choked quietly on rust. The tall spindly weeds that had found a permanent home in the cracked channels of the sidewalk stood firmly in place. The townsfolk shuffled to their destinations, as always, dragging their broken hearts along behind them. And I pedaled my bicycle to the corner market to start my work day.

They came out of nowhere. Two strangers, one tall with dark hair and a smile that could melt a frozen heart, and one with four white paws and a tail that never stopped spinning. Just a guy and his dog.

It had started like any other day in Butterfield ...

~My Review~
5 Stars
I Was Provided A ARC By The Author
(Possible Spoilers)

Ella Ives is one of many in the town of Butterfiled that have suffered from a horrible tragedy, many years ago. Everyone in Butterfiled seems to wander through their days, just trying to get by. Ella lost a lot when she was younger, and now as an adult she's trying to determine, if staying or leaving her home is the best decision for her. She's ready to start really living, but is scared of all that she would be leaving behind. 

When the mysterious, tattooed, Fynn and his little wingman, Boone, roll into town. All he can see is a town in mourning. A town run down, lost to the pain of a horrible tragedy, that forever changed the once quaint, tourist town of Butterflied into the ghost town he sees before him. Fynn is not leaving until he's brought some much need light back into this town.

Fynn was only meant to roll through, not find himself unable to leave, but Ella Ives happened. And for the first time in a long time, all feels right in his life, when he's with her. Ella may have just found the push she needed to start planing for her life, with the the help of a sexy man and his sweet dog. Ella and Fynn find something in one another. Broken pasts, and healing hearts, and together the possibility for something great together.

A touching story of  loss, healing and second chances. This was a beautiful book. Ella and Fynn shared an amazing connection. Their sweet and fun banter. The growth and healing they each did. Boone, who I loved. All this together, make for a fantastic read. 

About the Author:

Tess Oliver is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of Freefall.
She is a former teacher, who now dedicates her morning caffeine rush to writing romance instead of teaching math and reading. Tess lives in California, the land of perpetual sunshine and traffic, with her husband, kids and five dogs. She is a longtime romance junkie, who likes her hero to be an alpha with a twist of compassion and if he has long hair and rides a horse or a motorcycle all the better. She writes young adult, new adult and adult romance in both contemporary and historical settings. When she’s not reading or writing romance, she can be found hiking, vacuuming up dog hair or baking goodies for her family.

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